HR Retainer

Your own mini HR Department.

You may wish to engage Duncan HR on a more formal basis.

Companies can engage us on a retained annual contract basis. The costs start at £95 +VAT p.c.m. for companies up to 20 staff (the fee increases for larger companies).

With this service, we will ensure that all your policies and procedures, contracts and handbooks are all correct and up to date so you know you are fully covered for all eventualities.

Also as part of this annual contract we are available to attend your premises to assist you for face to face matters if you wish (for example 1 – 3 days a year) to look after all their Human Resource and Personnel affairs. The most common uses are to assist you in disciplinary, redundancy or grievance meetings, but you can decide how to use that time, either for a specific project, training, or simply to know you will be able to receive good advice either in person or at the end of a phone.

We provide a complete e-version of the “Manual for Management” that includes;

  • All the relevant legislation condensed down into a summary format
  • Detailed procedures that you can follow, safe in the knowledge you will be covering all the correct steps, including sample letters covering almost every situation
  • In addition, each procedure has a summary you can place into your handbook or give to your employees upon request to increase their awareness and improve staff communication.

What does the Manual for Management include?

It is a comprehensive summary of all the policies, procedures and practices relating to the employment of staff in your company covering;

  • Grievance procedures (from the ACAS code of practice)
  • Discipline procedures (misconduct, capability / under performance)
  • Appeals procedures (after discipline or grievance)
  • Working time directive regulations (working week, rest days, breaks during the day, night workers, holiday calculations)
  • Discrimination regulations (sex, race, disability, equal pay act, etc)
  • Maternity procedures (leave, pay, return to work, shared parental leave and pay,shared parental leave and pay)
  • Redundancy procedures (consultation, notice periods, ballot procedures)
  • Wages regulations (itemised pay statement, unlawful deductions)
  • Leave provisions (parental, paternity, flexible working, holidays etc)
  • Service entitlements (statutory entitlements that accrue with service)
  • Contracts of employment (employees and casual workers)
  • Self-employed contracts

The manual will be tailored to reflect the needs of your business and will have the ‘look and feel’ of your brand and tone.

Included with the supply and tailoring of the manual to suit your business, Duncan HR will monitor evolving legislation and send revisions and updates to ensure that the manual is always up to date.